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Is your car overheated? Are you facing issues with the air conditioning system of your car as well? These can be the indicating signs of a damaged or leaked coolant system of your vehicle. Delays in the timely service of the cooling system can lead to a damaged engine and high cost.

But nothing to worry about!! Our expert team of technicians with high-quality tools and experience is there to help you with the cooling system of your vehicles. To save your car from overheating, you can book an appointment with us today.

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Quality Cooling System Services

The job of a cooling system is to regulate the temperature of the vehicle and ensure the smooth working of all components. It can wear off with time and hinder the operations of all the components. Your cooling system can wear off with time, hindering the flow of the vehicle coolant system. To avoid any costly repairs later, you should get your cooling system services on time. 

Our core value is to value each and every customer of ours, and we try to provide you with tailored solutions according to your requirements. Visit Pioneer Drive Auto with your car today and get the required services.

Drive With Confidence: Reliable Cooling System Services For Trucks

At Pioneer Drive Auto, we provide a one-stop solution to all required services for your trucks. We know truck repairs are expensive, especially damaged engines can cost you a bank. We provide you with top-quality cooling system services for your truck to ensure its smooth operations. 

Our technicians are skilled enough to take care of it all. It can make your trucks run like new ones again. Contact us today to get more details about our services.

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Does your vehicle need a perfect paint match? We are masters of this, get your paint repair services with us and give a tip-top appearance to your old vehicle again.

We keep your vehicle in top condition by providing reliable maintenance services.

We keep your heating and air conditioning system in working order to keep you comfortable.

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The only place in the Dells area that I trust to fix my car. Quality service, fair prices, very knowledgeable and professional.

Kaloyan Kanchev

Called them Saturday morning and said they could take a look at my van that was overheating and had to be towed there. They were able to get me on the road by noon as I live 2 hours away and at a very fair price. I highly recommend them and will go back.

Mike Boll

I like those people very direct people, amazing service, and the price is very fair, I really recommend that place, and it provides the best services to my Volkswagen here at the Dells, thanks guys.

Fabio Mariotti

frequently asked questions

It depends on the model and condition of the vehicle. If your cooling system is badly damaged, then the price range can increase. You can visit and get quotes from multiple auto shops and choose the one that suits you the best.

After the car cools down to a reasonable temperature. You can check the reservoir in your vehicle, If it is low the marked level, you can add more solutions as recommended by the manufacturers.

You can visit us at E10704 Pioneer Dr, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, United States.

These red flags show the issues in your cooling system that you cannot ignore. 

  • Low Fluid Level.
  • Poor Quality Coolant
  • Coolant Leak
  • Engine Overheating
  • Warning Lights